Dog, cat, and equestrian jewelry and sculpture

Dog, cat, and equestrian jewelry and sculpture in 14k gold, sterling silver, and bronze. New this season -- beeswax holiday ornaments!

Most of my jewelry, sculpture, and ornaments are custom made to order. Choose your design and metal, then pick a style. Custom setting? Stones? It's all up to you.

If you don't see designs in your breed, just ask.

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Pet jewelry and sculpture by Elizabeth Trail, photo montage inc.ueds life-sized Pembroke Welsh Corgi head bronze sculpture, bronze Australian Shepherd necklace, sterling silver Cardigan Welsh Corgi fairy pendant, sterling silver cat pin, and bronze Irish Water Spaniel Brooch pin

About me

I've been making dog, cat, and equestrian sculpture and jewelry for most of my life. I started out making little clay animals in my grandmother's pottery studio when I was a child, and by the time I was in high school, my grandmother was signing up orders from people who wanted their pets sculpted in clay. Eventually I discovered the magic of seeing my designs turned into bronze, silver, and gold through lost wax casting. I'll never forget the first time I opened a box from the caster and held my newly cast designs in my hands. Metal that could last for millenia... Read more

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