Gold and platinum pricing

Prices shown for designs in gold are based on the weight of the item, the karat and color of gold you want, and the market price of fine (pure) gold. Although I don't list items in platinum, I can also make up designs in platinum for you if requested.

The prices shown in my online store right now assume gold at $1,250 an ounce. I try to change this in item listings whenever there is a major change up or down, but the actual price you will pay will be based on the price of gold or platinum on the day you place your order.

To keep in line with Etsy's policies, when you order one of my designs in gold or platinum through Etsy, I will make up a special item listing for you based on the actual price of the metal on the day.  If there's a delay between then and when you place your order, I may need to reprice the item.  You lock in your price when you make your payment.

For reference, the charts below show today's gold and platinum prices.

Silver Pricing

Although silver prices fluctuate as well, the per-ounce cost of silver is considerably lower, and the market is less volatile.  Therefore, labor and craftsmanship play a much larger role in the price of a piece of silver jewelry.  I change silver prices globally in my online store as needed.  So assume that the price you see in a listing is the price you will pay, regardless of minor ups and downs in the market.